Self-Care Yoga

The yoga practiced at the UN Self-Care Club is a mindful, adapted, breath-centred, anatomically sound and diverse yoga. It combines tradition with contemporary knowledge and respects all religions as well as different yoga styles which practice tolerance, peace, harmony, compassion and openness. It includes exercises (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, reflection and meditation.

​The programmes offered are for beginners to intermediate level and they aim at resolving muscle tension, increasing strength and flexibility where needed, helping to optimise physical and mental health and reducing stress. It is not so much about the perfection of a posture than it is about personal development, good health and the joy of life.


Every other Monday at 13:00, you can access a recorded session of approximately 20-30 minutes under the Calendar

All recorded sessions offered by Ursula Möhrle are also accessible on this page under Videos and can be practiced at your own convenience.