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Yoga sessions for specific body parts

Hips and Lower Back

This 32 minute Yoga session works your hips and lower back and enhances your stability (beginners to intermediate level). (32:53)

Neck and Shoulders

This 33 minute Yoga Booster works your chest, neck and shoulders, for release and new strength (beginners to intermediate level). (34:06)

Heart Touch

Create space in your heart and chest by enjoying deep backward and forward bends as well some nice twists. Heart breathing techniques bring an additional "heart touch" to this session. (23:29)

Strength&Balance from the Core

A session for the strength and flexibility of your core that will make you feel energized, motivated and balanced from inside out... (23:41)

Space & Grace for the Shoulders

Enjoy the feeling of space and grace, arising from this selection of shoulder releasing poses. (23:17)


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