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Full Body Yoga sessions

Flow and Freedom

A yoga booster for more space, freedom and flow in the body and spirit. Ideal for beginners and intermediate level practitioners. Enjoy... (25:54)

Twists and Rotations

A yoga booster for more flexibility, energy and happiness. Ideal for beginners and intermediate level practitioners. Enjoy...(29:29)

UN-Mental Health Week 2020

This 3O minute yoga session will help balance and relax the body mind and spirit. It includes stretches for the front, the back and chest area, the stimulation of meridians and helpful breathing techniques. (30:19)

Joy for the Joints

Bring joy into the body by moving and stretching your joints. Enhance the flexibility and release of tensions with Ujjayi breathing

(yoga technique for deeper breathing). (25:58)

Strong and Calm

Colorful mix of nice and easy yoga poses for new strength and calm. (22:23)

Radiant Health above 45

These chest openers, twists and back strengtheners provide you with new breathing space and an optimal posture. For a shortened daily routine, you can also extract the first three poses. (20:24)

Strong and Fit with Yoga

A full body yoga workout for strength and fitness (intermediate level).

Don't miss the opportunity! (26:36)

Burnout Prevention

Enjoy a series of easy yoga poses to prevent burnout and reduce stress with a special focus on the breath, leading the poses. (25:58)

Good Mood Yoga

Raise your spirit and vitalize your body with a positive focus, good stretches and leg strengtheners. Ideal for an early morning routine or a Home office session in between.



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