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Therapeutic Arts and Creations workshops

«Invite the artist into your life and become the artist of your own life».

- Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD, RN

Art used as a therapy can be very powerful – one can express oneself through painting, drawing and any type of creative work.  Emotions and feelings can be released by expressing them through artistic expression that can lead to finding an inner peace and happiness.


I will guide you to discover your creative talents through the medium of art.  There will be the opportunity to use a variety of artistic materials to create your unique painting or creation. 


We will enjoy using all sorts of media including acrylic paint, crayons, pastels, felt tips and a variety of papers, card and textiles etc.  I use many tools to apply paint including paint brushes, sponges, spatulas and even forks.  You will discover your artistic expression through different subjects and will be surprised that each one of you will develop your own and unique style! 


Classes will be held online via Zoom and are planned twice a month on Fridays. If interested, please contact me on:

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