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Life Coaching

A Life Coach can help in areas of life, including, but not limited to, work-life balance, work performance, career goals, and getting motivated. 


The three pillars of coaching are: awareness, self-belief and responsibility.

It is very important to distinguish between a Life Coach and a Psychologist so please note that the Coach's work is mainly to accompany the “group” or the “individual” to attain a specific goal and to learn new skills to do so.

Life coaching sessions are offered in group sessions once a month on a Tuesday (the area of coaching will be defined by the group)*. Or in one-on-one sessions upon request (the area of coaching will be defined by the coachee)**. In both cases, the duration of a session is an hour.

 * Please consult the calendar

 ** Please contact Booran Al-Khudahiri on:





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