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Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra - a stress reliever and energy booster

In our agitated daily lives, many experience stress at multiple levels. Yoga Nidra is a technique which leads us to deep relaxation and to a release of all tension at the physical, mental and emotional level. It also helps to clear and calm the mind, leading to more focus and presence in our everyday lives and to more overall wellbeing. “Nidra” refers to a state in which body, mind and soul are completely relaxed but our consciousness is clear.


Yoga Nidra helps prevent or address burnout, anxiety, headache/migrane, sleep disorders and physical pain. The release of tension has a deeply regenerating impact: 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra equals up to 4 hours of sleep, so it’s a complete reset!


Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down on a mat and it is suitable for anyone. In the sessions, participants will also learn about the rich theory and philosophy behind Yoga Nidra, while the main focus of the classes is on the actual relaxation practice.

Participants will receive an audio file (MP3) so that they can practice individually at home.

The Yoga Nidra sessions take place on Fridays from 13:00-13:45 on MS Teams. Please also consult the calendar for the individual dates.

Click here to join the session (always the same link)

If you’re a new participant, please contact Satya Jennings (, the Yoga Nidra/meditation instructor in order to be included in the mailing list and to receive weekly updates about the classes.

An introductory video explaining Yoga Nidra is available here . As newly interested participants are encouraged to watch this video before joining the sessions, I will no longer provide basic information about Yoga Nidra on a regular basis, as I would like to make sure that the sessions are interesting for all of you, including those who are well familiar with the practice by now. This will allow to go a step further/deeper in the sessions.

About Meditation

Meditation is a simple yet very powerful practice which will lead you to inner peace, serenity and fulfilment. Meditation can even change your brain: Scientists found that in people who meditate regularly, the prefrontal cortex is more densely connected. This part of your brain helps you take decisions, control impulses, and plan complex actions, among other things. Regular meditation also strengthens the immune system based on stress reduction.

In my meditation sessions, I use different techniques such as breathing, mindfulness-based stress reduction and affirmations. Meditation is open to anyone and no prior knowledge is needed.

The classes are offered by a OHCHR staff member and are made available to the Self Care Club.

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